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Related post: *{margin: 0; padding: 0;} body {font-family: verdana; color: #009900; font-size: 90%; text-align:center; background-color: #888888; margin: 0; padding: 0;} h1 { margin-top: 0; padding-top: 0;} #content {background-color:#dddddd; color: #006600;} #main { width:1000px;color: #7b3f00; margin: 0 auto 0 auto; font-size: 150%; text-align:justify; padding:3%; } #headerstyle { color: #000000; background-color: #999999; margin-top: 0; padding-top: 0;} #info { width:1040px; background-color: "lightblue" ; color: #000000; margin: 0 auto 0 auto; font-size: 150%; text-align:justify; padding:4%; } OPEN QUESTION. Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read. If teeny naked models you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read. If the laws in your state or country forbid this type of material, do not read. Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated. The author retains copyright myusenet tori model (2011) to this story. Reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. This story is fiction. Thank you Nifty illegal models child for the opportunity to post this story. Chapter 12.When Brendan woke in the morning there was no sign of Pete, and Jarrod was lying flat on his back with his arms linked behind his head. When Brendan wriggled close there was a soft chuckle."What are you up to?""Getting comfortable.""Feel like a hug?""Yes please.""Good. Roll on top. I'm too lazy to move.""On top?""No funny business. Just a hug."Brendan did that then giggled when Jarrod's arms locked tactical models around his back."What?""You said no funny business and then you trapp me like this?""I know. I've got you till Pete gets back.""Where is he?" "Upstairs. I heard his laugh a while ago.""I like his laugh.""It's the best.""Is he always crazy like he was last night?""That was nothing. He was child models nudes being gentle because it was all new for you.""That was gentle?""He likes you.""Jarrod, we need to stop hugging.""How come?""My Rocket's getting too happy.""Okay. Mine is too."After one more quick body squeeze they teen cg models tumbled out of bed. Brendan couldn't help looking at Jarrod's boner. They both looked up when there was a thumping sound from the ceiling."We're getting orders from God. Breakfast must be ready."Ten minutes later, after the quickest of showers, they were tucking into a breakfast of delicious pancakes, toast and coffee. Phillip and Pete kept looking at each other with funny smiles as if they had a secret and Brendan wondered what they'd been talking about."Hey Brendan. You didn't tell us you're a sex god. Phillip matts models pics says there's a worship ceremony when you strip off at the river and dance naked for us.""As if.""Jarrod has to sacrifice three pubic hairs and I have to kiss your butt.""You left out Phillip. What does he 2007 ford models do?""Christen chubby latina models your bikini model thai godliness with crushed eucalyptus leaves and mountain water.""My godliness? What's that supposed to mean?"Oops! Brendan wished he could take back the question."That's the bit we have modells 14 years to worship every time it rises towards the heavens."There was a scurry of activity as everyone got ready, a quick trip to the town store for supplies, and then a half hour drive.*** "What do you think he'll get us darne model v doing next weekend?"After a fantastic day, hiking through the bush and then the models exposed excitement and adventure of rock-hopping their way up models beauty secrets the river for several hours to a waterfall that Brendan didn't know existed, exploring, model clit pics swimming, hacking round and relaxing mature model porn with the rush of falling water they'd ordered pizza for tea and young japaness models Pete and Jarrod left at about eight o'clock."Whatever it is we'll probably never forget it."Phillip shook his head as if he didn't believe the enjoyment and crazy antics 3d max modeling Pete had put them all through. Well, Brendan could hardly believe it either. The sex god anorexic models nude dance and the rocket worshipping had all happened when they finished the bush bash to the riverbed, and topless adolescent models Pete kept them laughing from then on. At the waterfall itself, Pete persuaded Phillip to ls models teens give teen linger models an exaggerated account of Brendan's predilection for nudity whenever he was taken to an out of the way place, and followed it through by hiding everyone's bathers and shorts till they set off on the return journey. Pete and Jarrod both loved the adventure of the day and insisted nicky model budgit model 1204 they were returning for another outing with Phillip as the guide. There was another unforgettable moment when Pete dived under the water then stood up with the sun glinting off his wet, brown body. Phillip was staring as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing and Pete asked what was wrong."Nothing's wrong Pete. Since you arrived yesterday I've had this strange feeling that I've british models met you before. I thought it must be just dj vu, but there's a picture of you somewhere isn't there?"Pete laughed and dived again, model sweet nonu leaving Jarrod to explain."There are two photos Phillip and they're at the National Gallery. Our friend took them.""The National fusker models Gallery! Oh my! Of course. Now I remember them. They're magnificent."Brendan boggled. Pete was in the National Gallery of Australia?"It's Peter Bonner isn't it? He puts exhibitions on everywhere. Nature and people. ...He lives at your male top models house?""Well, we all preeteen best models share the house.""Wow. I've been to one of his exhibitions and there's a print of one of his undergae teen models photos in my study. - the one with the wild waves Brendan."Another unforgettable thing was the way Phillip got on so well with Pete and Jarrod. Phillip preteeen bathingsuit models was telling private link model pedo stuff that Brendan had never even heard."He's got a kinky child models special way about him hasn't he? He's going to be a great friend for you.""You too. He spent stacks of time with you.""Mostly talking about you Brendan. He's got major concerns about Martin and thinks he might be involved with drugs.""I don't see how. Martin doesn't even talk about marijuana nowadays. ...What else did Pete talk about?""He's very open about sex. He said a lot about you being a virgin."Brendan blushed and Phillip gave him a hug."A lot? ...What sort of things?""Secret things. You're not allowed to know them yet."What? Oh, he was stirring. That was a good excuse to wrestle Phillip to the floor and torture him with stomach pokes."Tell me. ...Or else.""Or else what?""I'll ...Um. ...This."Brendan put his hand under Phillip's shirt and grabbed pree teeny models a few maxim models nude chest hairs."That won't work. You're not that cruel.""What about this then?"Phillip screeched when his left nipple was squeezed and tugged."That's diabolical. Where did you ls funny models learn that?""Last night. Now tell me."Phillip resisted, of course, then gave in after a few russian teens model more tugs."He talked about you having littleteen model tiny models nn non-stop sex for a week with five different people."There was a yell when the nipple got tugged harder."Fibber. ...Who are they?""There's... Me, and me, and me, and me and me."This talk turned the rocket on."You said different people.""Did I?... Help! models 14y teen This is indecent assault. Me. ... and young model list Pete and Jarrod. ...and Andrew and someone called William."Brendan's thoughts whirled. What had Pete said about Andrew and who was the last one?"William? russian model ...Who's that?""Someone who says you're a stud muffin. He saw you in the showers at Pete's place and was asking questions about you. He's coming on the surf trip next preeteen model toplist weekend."It had to be the blonde one who sandra russian model messed with the taps. Brendan released the nipple-stretcher, that's what Pete had called it, and stared at Phillip."What did he say about Andrew?"Phillip shook his head."You don't want to know.""Yes I do.""We're meant to take him camping and seduce him.""Holy cow! He said that? ...Both of us?""He did, and nn fashoin models I think he meant it.""Are you sure? I can't figure him half the time.""Neither can I, but it was so outrageous I fronted him and he told me to keep an open mind."He said that to you?""Don't look so amazed Brendan.""Was there any more of that virgin stuff?""Yes, school young modelnude starting tonight we practice putting condoms on each other so we don't get pregnant. He said he's given you a whole box of them.""They're downstairs and he already made me practice last night.""They are? Oh my. I didn't believe that little model links one."There was more of the virgin stuff but it just made them claire child model both centralmodels laugh."Phillip, can I sleep foot model sex here tonight?""Why are vlads models gallery you even asking?""I mean upstairs.""Ah. ...In my bed?" "I need lots of hugs.""Well,just till we say goodnight."*** Brendan didn't know whether he was excited or nervous as vlad models newsgroups the car cruised towards Phillip's place. It was both really and he wondered how the now imminent meeting between Andrew and Phillip would pakistani models turn out. Andrew was looking great and when they turned aussie adult models into the drive Phillip was standing on his top decking looking extra small model property smart in dress jeans and a designer shirt. With a friendly smile and wave he beckoned Brendan to lead the way in. Andrew smiled in return and straightaway Brendan had good vibes."So, this is the wonder teacher who's been inspiring Brendan?"Andrew's face lit up."Maybe, but I'm not the wonder friend who inspired him into photography. I turn green with envy every time young model profile he christa rivington model mentions his latina model portfolio camera at college.""That was teenie model board nothing to do with me. Brendan did all the research himself and totally surprised us when he latina model listing chose it instead of a car." After the introductions Brendan went for a quick shower then changed into cargo shorts and his hot car models favorite show-off T-shirt. They were still on the decking, enjoying the view of the mountains and Brendan happily joined in the discussion about highlights of the local area."Brendan, I child cameltoe models need half an hour to organise the meal. Why don't you show Andrew your plans for downstairs?"Setting aside the back section butter teen model of the big downstairs room as a makeshift sandra model boobs studio area was to help Brendan with his course, and one plan for tonight was to get Andrew's suggestions."Brendan, you're spoilt having all this.""I know, but I'll show Phillip the techniques after you teach us at college and we'll share the equipment once we've got it organised properly.Do you think I've got the studio light in a good position? I think I need another one.""Well, if you can manage it it certainly gives models pree t you a lot more options, but how serious are you? My impression is that you like outdoor work.""I do. But lighting is part of the course next semester so I might as well do it properly." ***"So, what did you really think of him? Pete said you've got the hots for him and I can see why.""Idiot. Be serious."Brendan and Phillip had pretenn girl models just finished a solid two-hour session of maths and when Phillip suggested another hour as a catch up for missing out because of Andrew's visit Brendan didn't feel like it."Serious? Meaning you've had enough study?""Something like that.""Well it's interesting isn't it. Two lots of new friends in less than a week.""You know what I like about him? I figured it out last night. He's you, except kara young model younger."Phillips eyebrows raised quizzically and then he laughed."How did you find out?""Find out?""He's a clone. I get a new one made every five years.""You asian bikinimodels know preeteen pay models what I mean. He's adventurous and reads a lot and he likes helping people, and you can tell he's kind."Phillip, grinning, nodded in agreement."You're a charmer Brendan. What do you want now?""Nothing... Can we take him on an adventure sometime? I think he'd really like it.""We already are.""What do you mean?""When we do your photos. You already invited him and you said half of them would be outdoors.""That's teen model tawney different. I mean a proper adventure.""How about we go slutty asian models to the jana model maxwell mini-falls for two days and do the photos there. It's the perfect place and you can run around naked all day if you want to. ...Andrew might even join model portfolio in."That japanese model schoolgirl was a stir so Brendan pretended he'd taken it seriously."I hope so, child models imagboard and it would reed bikini model be a good place for us teen model naturist to seduce him too wouldn't it?" Phillip took the bait for two seconds before continuing in the same vein."Yes. ...And as soon as the rocket pops up he'll... Ouch, what did you whack me for?""I felt like it."Phillip rubbed his arm ruefully."What time do you finish College tomorrow afternoon?""At 3:30 PM.""Well I'll get there as soon as I can, probably about four o'clock."After Phillip drove him home Brendan packed everything ready for the weekend trip and climbed into russian litte model bed. He young teenmodel turned his bedside light off and smiled at the thought of seeing Pete and Jarrod again. Phillip was right russian sex model with his description of Pete erotic model rusia as a force of nature. Would he carry on again at night time? Brendan hoped so.*** "Have a good day?"Phillip turned up almost on time classic 21 models and Brendan loaded his carry bag and college bag into the back of the wagon."Yes, it's 12yr model the best day of the week at smartest model brett college. There's Infotech in the morning and a double Media skye model thong studies in the afternoon. I talked to Andrew at lunchtime and he's really keen ptsc teen model about the mini-falls weekend.""You already asked him? Whoo? Did you tell him your secret plans?""MY secret plans? Ha. Whose idea was it anyway?" "You're driving Brendan. You haven't been getting enough practice lately."It was quite a shock driving hq young models through the suburbs for the first time, but Brendan was eager and then pleased when Phillip said he young girlsnude models was doing well. Once they were on the big freeway to Geelong it was easy. The plan was to meet Pete at the surf club in Fairhaven instead of at his house, as it would save at least half an hour bohr model vanadium of detour driving. A meal florence model jessi stop in Anglesea meant it was almost seven when they arrived. Pete's red wagon was there but they didn't find anyone till they checked out the beach and saw Jarrod sitting on the sand. His smile lit up tamar bikini model when they approached and he pointed out to sea."They're on their surfboards... Here they come. They've seen you."Two riders were streaking across the front of a wave and one of them underwear boy models raised his arm in a quick gesture before doing a turn to avoid a swimmer on a boogie board.It was Pete, and wow, he sure looked good. Brendan wished he knew how to use a surfboard. The wave died and Brendan watched as the surfboards were abandoned and Pete and the other guy came jogging towards them."Yo, Sex God.. Ready for your swim?"Before Brendan could answer he pedo modeling was hoisted over Pete's shoulder and carried towards the water. Oh no."My clothes! My clothes! They'll get wet.""So?"Brendan started struggling but Jarrod joined in and it was hopeless. His good runners were dumped and then the water loomed."Put me down. Put me down."They did, but not till the water was waist deep, and then with a one, two, three, heave. Brendan came up spluttering and seeing Pete's wicked grin, tried for a payback. Tried, and then went angels air model under with Pete on top of him. The whole thing turned to chaos with the whole five of them shoving, laughing and splashing. Pete finished it by grabbing Brendan and carrying him in a fireman's lift to the shore with everyone trailing behind with comments about drowned rats. Phillip was loving it, but child topless model he'd cheated by leaving his gear at Jarrod's towel and only wearing his shorts."So Brendan, why don't you wear proper swimming gear?""Very alexandra model berlin funny."The group made its way to Phillip's wagon and then into the surf club building where Pete showed them the big lookout room they'd be using."You brought the bathers Brendan?""Um.. Yes."Brendan answered cautiously because the glint of mischief was highly obvious in Pete's grin."Get them on. I've told William all about the Sex God look and he can't wait."William, it WAS the guy who messed with the taps, nodded his agreement. More conniving."Now?""Of course. There's still sweet model portal an hour of daylight and were not wasting good surf."Brendan struggled out of his wet shirt and felt strange with the whole four of them gathered round and watching. Pete made things worse by saying William had been having wet dreams ever since the shower incident. Shorts and jocks went to the floor and then when Brendan reached for the speedos Phillip was bikini model loredana holding out, Pete beat him to it and laughing, stuffed them down the neck band of William's wetsuit."What do you reckon William? Keep them for a trophy?"William fished out the bathers and put them behind his back."Guess which hand Brendan."Presuming he'd get them back if he guessed correctly, Brendan said left. After a moment's hesitation William held out his empty left hand."I meant right."The other hand came forward, also empty, but Brendan had caught the blue flutter as the bathers fell behind William's legs nude girls modeling and he pounced to grab them. END OF CHAPTER 12. I hope you've gained some enjoyment from this story. Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. My email address is iarwainaanet.com.au Alternative address, iarwain7ains.net.au Should you be interested, my other stories can business model layout be found by looking under 'Iarwain' in the authors section on Nifty. Iarwain.
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